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A Cloud Platform Gap Analysis & Roadmap to Uncover Your “Clear Path Forward”

Identify the required steps to achieve cloud success for your organization.

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What is Clear Path Forward?

Clear Path Forward is a technical three-week engagement where OpsGuru performs a deep-dive cloud assessment to determine gaps in your existing cloud environment.

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Based on this assessment, we create an actionable remediation plan for your organization that includes a step-by-step process to help you succeed in the cloud and support the future growth of your business.

Clear Path Forward can be leveraged for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud environments (or a mix of the 3). Take advantage of our unique solution for use cases such as ensuring platform alignment with well-architected framework pillars, meeting compliance standards and mitigating security risks, optimizing your cloud costs, and more.


Identify business and technical priorities, goals, and constraints.


Undergo a deep-dive technical assessment of your existing cloud platform to identify technical gaps and risks.

Roadmap Review

Take advantage of an actionable cloud platform analysis report with a roadmap to remediate the technical gaps identified in the assessment to achieve your business goals.

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Use Cases for Clear Path Forward

OpsGuru’s Clear Path Forward can be applied to multiple situations depending on what you need to continue your cloud journey.

Alignment to a Well-Architected Framework

Identify critical gaps and determine risks to ensure your cloud platform aligns with well-architected framework pillars (ie. security, cost-efficiency, performance, scalability, and operational best practices).

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

De-risk business continuity and disaster recovery implementation and ensure your cloud platform’s RPO/RTO is aligned with your business’ service level agreements.

Security, Compliance & Governance Enablement

Meet governance and compliance standards and mitigate security breaches by developing strong cloud governance and cloud security posture.

Data & Machine Learning Platform Enablement

Identify gaps and risks within your current data platform architecture, assess the scalability, reliability, and operational efficiency of your data platform, and ensure it is aligned with data security best practices and compliance standards.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Gain better total cost of ownership awareness and efficiencies for your cloud platform and an actionable roadmap for cost optimization.

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How OpsGuru Delivers Clear Path Forward

Phase 1:

Kickoff Session

OpsGuru’s team meets with your key stakeholders to better understand your business goals, priorities, plans, and requirements for cloud adoption.

Phase 2:

Technical Discovery

Our experts leverage our vast experience in the cloud to assess the current state of your cloud system.

Phase 3:

Report Review

We will perform an in-depth architecture review and cloud platform deep-dive analysis based on the five well-architected framework pillars incorporating the findings into a detailed gap analysis report.

Phase 4:

Roadmap Review

OpsGuru will create an actionable roadmap to achieve your desired state in the cloud based on report findings and gaps identified. The roadmap contains relevant work streams, effort, priority estimates, and actionable backlog. The roadmap will be reviewed collaboratively with the customer.

OpsGuru is Your Ideal Partner Throughout Your Cloud Journey

As one of Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to help you uncover the next steps required to achieve your business goals in the cloud.

Skilled at Unlocking Funding Programs

OpsGuru is a multi-cloud partner with a deep knowledge of available funding programs to help you maximize your chances of receiving funding and de-risk your cloud adoption.

Cloud Certified Engineers & Architects

With 200+ professionals and certifications, OpsGuru’s experts have deep expertise in cloud solutions and experience helping customers plan and achieve sustainable success through cloud services.

Actionable roadmap

OpsGuru will provide a strategic roadmap with actionable steps based on prescriptive best practices to help guide you through your cloud journey.

Objective Advice

As a multi-cloud partner, OpsGuru provides impartial advice and an actionable roadmap based on your best interests and business goals.

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