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Solve advanced cloud challenges with DoiT’s technology that simplifies and automates cloud use with optimization, analytics, and governance tools and capabilities. Leveraging intelligent software and unrivalled multi-cloud expertise, OpsGuru and DoiT work together to help you leverage public cloud technology across AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to achieve your cloud goals.

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How OpsGuru Helps You Tackle Your Public Cloud Challenges With DoiT

Cloud-Native Development

With a deep bench of multi-cloud expertise, OpsGuru’s certified engineers and architects offer hands-on keyboard consulting services to help you with all your cloud needs.

Cloud Support

OpsGuru will support your engineers in developing your own products and services. And if needed, we’ll ensure you have the expertise required to patch things up.

Cloud Training

Our DoiT consultants and experts will upskill your team with DoiT-led training across various cloud technologies and specializations.

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Your Dedicated DoiT Partner to Help You Take Full Advantage of the Public Cloud

AWS Premier Partner

OpsGuru is an AWS Premier Partner and the AWS Canadian Partner of the Year for 2023. As an award-winning strategic partner, we are dedicated to delivering AWS-based solutions and services that transform our customers' operations and solve essential challenges with expertise and precision.

Google Cloud Premier Partner

As a Google Cloud Premium Partner, OpsGuru has the expertise and experience to tackle your most challenging Google Cloud problems and support you with all aspects of your Google Cloud journey.

Build Your Internal Cloud Capabilities

As a DoiT International partner, it’s our mission to provide a technical solution and programs to help you steadily build internal know-how to develop your Cloud Centre of Excellence for your particular use case.

Proven Success in Cloud Adoption Solutions

OpsGuru’s certified multi-cloud experts have spent years developing and testing our proprietary cloud solutions, which utilize prescriptive best practices to deliver secure cloud foundations.

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