Cloud Spend Optimization

Cloud computing has enabled unprecedented velocity and rapid prototyping, but it can also cause unpredictable spending behaviour. At OpsGuru, we look at cloud spending holistically across your entire stack and make recommendations that save you money.

Oversubscription in Cloud

At OpsGuru, we pride ourselves on our ability to deploy cloud-native solutions to solve complex business problems. With the advent of container technologies such as Kubernetes or Nomad, organizations are once again able to oversubscribe workloads on compute capacity in the cloud.

OpsGuru can work with your organization to move your key workloads into containers, allowing you to squeeze every last penny out of your compute spending.

Spot/Preemptible Compute

Spot/Preemptible Compute

Preemptible or “Spot” instances provide drastic discounts on cloud compute in exchange for your instances being terminated when a vendor requires the capacity for a full-paying customer. OpsGuru is the only Canadian partner of Spot (Previously SpotInst) that can assist you in running your stateful applications, microservices and data analytics on top of preemptible or spot instances.


Rightsizing involves a detailed review and analysis of your existing compute capacity. By collecting data and making informed decisions, OpsGuru can work with you to reduce your instance sizes and compute spend.

Our reviews include managed services, compute, network, storage and other potential hidden costs to ensure we’re saving you money.

Maximising On-Premise Investments

Many organisations still have significant on-premise investments that continue to provide significant business value. OpsGuru can bring new life into these systems by deploying on-premise Kubernetes or Nomad. This provides the same cloud-native experience from public cloud vendors on your existing infrastructure.

Architecture Reviews

By reviewing your cloud architecture, OpsGuru can make high-level recommendations to drastically reduce your cloud bill. Technologies such as serverless and containers allow you to change $/hr billing models into $/request but it’s not always a simple comparison. Architecture Reviews are conducted by OpsGuru’s principal architects who have been deploying significant workloads in the cloud for at least 7 years

Cloud Cost Visibility

OpsGuru knows that costs in cloud can be difficult to decipher, we are able to deploy tooling and dashboards which restore visibility and offer rich cost analytics.