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Migrate Your Existing Application Portfolio Into the Cloud

App and database modernization lets you migrate your legacy applications and business processes into the cloud while simultaneously adopting the latest cloud-native technologies.

Full replacement of your technology stack with new applications can be costly and time-consuming. Rather than retiring an existing system, legacy application modernization helps you extend the lifespan of your applications on cloud infrastructure while also making your applications more secure, reliable, and scalable.







A clear roadmap, as well as a gradual and controlled shift from legacy monolithic applications and centralized designs to scalable, distributed, and loosely-coupled solutions allow you to de-risk complex modernization projects.

Beyond a simple “lift and shift”, application and database modernization looks at opportunities to leverage serverless platforms and containerization and fully embrace the advantages of cloud-native development for your application portfolio.

Why Should You Modernize Legacy Systems?

Legacy systems don't need to stay legacy. Database and application modernization strategies allow you to rejuvenate your existing systems and prepare your applications for the future.

Attract Top Talent

Make your stack more attractive to developer talent by embracing emerging technologies and digital transformation.

Untether Innovation

Roll out modern technologies to streamline development and accelerate innovation.

Embrace Cloud-Native

Shed technical debt and improve scalability by leveraging the latest technologies and DevOps.

Embrace Availability and Resiliency

Provide business continuity and solve single points of failure to eliminate the risk of system flaws that could cause your entire system to fail.

Save Money

Reduce expensive licensing fees, retire legacy tools, and remove vendor dependencies.

Reduce Time to Market

Take advantage of the agile software development lifecycle to meet fast-paced changes in customer needs by delivering software iterations more efficiently and frequently.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Comply with security standards and reduce your attack surface by retiring outdated technologies lacking vendor support and community attention.system to fail.

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How OpsGuru Modernizes Legacy Applications

OpsGuru’s team of best-in-class engineers will work with you to understand your existing tech stack, plan your future goals, and execute a cloud app modernization strategy while building your internal expertise and capabilities.

Step 1:

Modernization Assessment

Our experts take a holistic approach to assessing your existing applications as well as infrastructure, compliance requirements, and delivery process. We determine gaps and constraints while building a modernization roadmap that addresses cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment velocity, application readiness, and total cost of ownership (TOC).

Step 2:


OpsGuru’s signature Cloud Launchpad is a secure framework, embedding DevOps and Cloud best practices to propel your infrastructure forward in the cloud migration and application modernization journey.

Step 3:

Cloud-Native Architecture and Design

We engage your team to effectively evolve existing architecture into a next-generation solution that meets your business goals, requirements, and technology vision. Our experts help you navigate complex design decisions like the choice of data stores, serverless vs. Kubernetes, software stack, reuse vs. rewrite of components, authentication, encryption, configuration and secrets management, etc.

Step 4:

Application and Database Modernization

Our team assists you in refactoring or rewriting systems components, integrating with CI/CD and automation pipelines, deploying and hosting your application using modern technologies while providing guidelines on how to effectively operate your application in the cloud.

Step 5:

Organization Modernization

We help you overhaul your full technology stack to boost the productivity and satisfaction of your DevOps team while assisting you in developing the mindset, strategy, and tools for operational excellence.

OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert100+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

Case StudyPandemic Proof Food Delivery with FoodX

Utilizing OpsGuru and Microsoft Azure, Food-X was able to enhance their electronic grocery management software during COVID-19.

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