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Why Should You Prioritize Cloud Security?
Because You Cannot Afford Not To!

Insecure cloud computing environments are a serious liability that can have a disastrous impact on consumer confidence and your company’s finances.

  • On Average, 37% of SMBs

    that experience a data breach suffer financial losses and 25% file for bankruptcy.
  • $7.7 million is the average cost

    of data breaches in Canada.
  • 85% of companies in Canada

    are affected by cyberattacks every year.

Challenges to Improving Cloud Security

The rapid evolution of cloud security has caused significant disruptions to the conventional on-premise security model, leaving experts ill-prepared to tackle emerging cloud security threats.

Existing Security Not Applicable To The Cloud

Traditional security models are often based on individual servers and full network control, which is difficult to execute on the cloud.

Too Many Changes
To Keep Up

With the cloud growing so fast in size, impact, and features, learning how to use cloud technologies effectively is increasingly challenging.


There is traditionally an InfoSec team responsible for cloud security and network. However, due to rapid evolution, individuals are often responsible for component security, making governance increasingly difficult.

Complex Hybrid
Cloud Environments

Unlike data centres, secure cloud models consist of a diverse set of services that are translatable to data centre networking, virtual machines, and access. This diversity leads to complexity.

Existing Standards Not Built For Cloud Workloads

IT compliance standards are typically written with physical data centres in mind. Cloud security models and shared responsibility are not always easily translatable to security and compliance requirements.

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Secure Your Cloud Environment with OpsGuru's Cloud Security Services

OpsGuru’s Cloud Launchpad solution is a programmatic approach to cloud adoption which allows us to minimize the time spent consulting and move quickly into delivering value.

Our cloud security posture management services include:


Tailored security approaches aligned with CIS Kubernetes benchmark and best practices for workload security.

Network Perimeter

Cloud-native firewalls, intrusion detection, and protection systems ensure security without introducing latency.


"Shift left" on Security with Security as Code (SaC) made possible by tools including Open Policy Agent and Terraform Enterprise (Sentinel).

Cloud Infrastructure as
Code Security

Scanning of infrastructure as code to detect misalignment from security best practices communications.

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