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Unleash the Benefits of Managed Public Cloud

Simplify, optimize, and secure your cloud environment with support from Canada’s leading managed public cloud services provider.

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Seamless Cloud Performance, Zero IT Hassle

Ensuring your cloud environment is optimized and operating reliably 24x7x365 doesn’t have to be a burden on internal IT teams. OpsGuru’s cloud management solution, Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE), focuses on the availability and reliability of your public cloud environment through incident-driven, operational, and technical support—backed by world-class managed cloud engineering expertise.

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How We’ve Helped Organizations Leverage the Power of Public Cloud

Working with OpsGuru enabled Next Insurance to focus on our business while leaving the cloud technology challenges to the OpsGuru team. It helped us to work with a secure and isolated infrastructure, automatic deployments, defined application lifecycles while keeping peace of mind that our infrastructure was built following the latest cloud best practices and years of operational knowledge.

Next Insurance Director, DevOps at Next Insurance

The Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Management

Optimize Your Cloud with Expert Support

Optimize Your Cloud with Expert Support

Leverage extensive expertise and resources to ensure your cloud platform is continuously optimized for performance, reliability, cost savings, scalability, cloud security and compliance.

Offset Skills Gaps

Offset Skills Gaps

When you don’t have the expertise in-house, a dedicated team of skilled cloud engineers can step in to handle the intricate technical tasks of responding to incidents, and managing and optimizing your public cloud environment.

Gain Peace of Mind

Gain Peace of Mind

Your cloud workloads are expertly monitored, managed, and maintained 24x7x365, so you and your IT teams have the freedom to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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Why Choose OpsGuru as Your Managed Cloud Services Provider?

Top Marks for CSAT

OpsGuru has a proven track record in successfully managing and optimizing cloud environments for many satisfied customers (with an average CSAT score of 10) across diverse industries.

24x7x365 Monitoring of Your Critical Cloud Services

Remove the on-call burden from your development and operations teams. As your managed cloud service provider, OpsGuru will become an extension of your engineering team to continuously monitor and manage your service availability and reliability 24x7x365.

Maximized Production Workload Uptime

Leveraging market-leading SaaS solutions such as PagerDuty, ZenDesk, NewRelic and CloudWatch, all configured through DevOps automation, we ensure your critical workloads are running smoothly around the clock.

Enhanced Managed Cloud Solutions

OpsGuru provides a comprehensive suite of solutions as part of our managed cloud services aimed at optimizing and securing your cloud environment. Our offerings include enhanced network security measures and efficient incident response services to safeguard your cloud infrastructure.

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How OpsGuru Delivers Managed Cloud Services

When you work with OpsGuru, you will have a dedicated support team of cloud engineers (Engineering Pod) to provide incident-driven, operational, and technical support for your cloud resources 24x7x365, ensuring your Service Level Objectives (SLO) targets are met or exceeded.

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Our Shared Responsibility Model for Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Pricing Tiers

Our approach to providing managed cloud services includes solutions that allow you to adopt cloud services that meet your requirements and support your cloud transformation, cloud optimization, and innovation efforts. We offer partial or complete cloud management based on your needs.


AWS Support Management

24x7x365 Incident Response & Remediation

Services Performance Monitoring

Data Protection incl. Data Validation Drills




Secure Access Management (RBAC/IAM)

Uptime, Domain & Certificate Expiration Monitoring

Security Audit Logs Management

Periodic Technical Cost Optimisation Reviews



Periodic Well-Architectured Reviews



Security Patching

Governance & Compliance Incident Response & Remediation

Named Engagement Manager

Add-ons (Optional)

OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert200+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed cloud services?

Cloud-managed services refer to partial or complete management of cloud resources by third-party managed cloud service providers. With managed cloud services, your organization can offload the burden and responsibility of the day-to-day management, maintenance, and monitoring of your cloud resources so you can focus on your core business objectives and leverage the benefits of cloud computing without the need for extensive in-house expertise.

What is the difference between Customer Reliability Engineering and managed cloud?

Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) is OpsGuru's unique branding for our managed cloud services. While the terms may differ, the essence of our offering remains the same: comprehensive and reliable cloud management solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

What is a managed cloud service provider (MCSP), and how do I choose the right one?

A managed cloud service provider (MCSP) is a company that offers managed cloud services to businesses looking to offload the management, maintenance, and optimization of their cloud operations. These services typically encompass a range of tasks, including monitoring, security, performance optimization, and support, aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of IT environments hosted on cloud platforms.

When selecting a Managed Cloud Service Provider (MCSP), focus on their expertise, service offerings, reliability, security, scalability, and support. Look for a provider with a strong track record in managing cloud operations, ensuring their services align with your specific needs. Evaluate their ability to guarantee uptime, performance, and robust security measures to protect your data and applications. Additionally, ensure the MCSP can scale their services according to your business growth and provide responsive support and effective communication channels for ongoing management of your IT environments.

What are the differences between a cloud service provider and a managed cloud service provider, and which one do I need?

A CSP typically offers cloud deployment services, providing infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service. They enable organizations to migrate their operations to the cloud but often leave management responsibilities to the client. On the other hand, an MCSP not only facilitates cloud deployment and migration but also provides ongoing management and support services tailored to the client's specific needs. If you require assistance beyond initial deployment, such as ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of your cloud environment, opting for a managed cloud service provider would be beneficial, as they provide specific services designed to meet your requirements.

Do I need partial or complete cloud management?

Determining whether you need partial or complete cloud management depends on various factors, including your organization's size, internal expertise, and specific requirements. If you have an in-house IT team with sufficient expertise to handle certain aspects of cloud management, partial cloud management may suffice. However, if you lack the necessary resources or expertise to manage your cloud environment comprehensively, opting for complete cloud management provided by a managed cloud service provider may be more beneficial. Consider factors such as workload complexity, scalability needs, and the importance of continuous monitoring and support in making your decision.

How familiar are your support engineers with my environment?

At OpsGuru, we employ a scalable pod model whereby you will have a dedicated pod of engineers to look after your cloud environment. This team knows and understands your environment intricately to offer rapid assistance and response.

Does OpsGuru support multi-cloud?

Yes, OpsGuru’s cloud engineers are certified in multi-cloud. No matter your cloud environment, whether it be AWS, Microsoft Azure, or the Google Cloud Platform, our multi-cloud specialists have experience working across all major cloud platforms and can manage and optimize your cloud environment.

What measures does OpsGuru have in place for disaster recovery and business continuity?

OpsGuru implements robust measures for disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure the resilience of your cloud environment. These measures typically include comprehensive backup solutions, automated failover processes, redundant infrastructure configurations, and regular testing of disaster recovery plans. Additionally, OpsGuru employs industry best practices to minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster, safeguarding your business operations and ensuring continuity.