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Accelerate your cloud adoption, stay on budget with cost-effective solutions, and leverage best practices with OpsGuru's signature product, Cloud Launchpad.

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What is Cloud Launchpad?

A streamlined cloud adoption solution built on our years of experience and 50+ customer success stories across multiple industries & sectors.

From startups to global enterprises, Cloud Launchpad looks to reduce common errors companies experience establishing their cloud foundations. We also help companies build the internal expertise and technical experience they need to own, operate, and continue to evolve on their own cloud environment to meet their new technology goals.

How Does Cloud Launchpad Ensure My
Company is Successful in the Cloud?

Achieve rapid cloud deployment by rolling out a scalable cloud foundation.

Whether your company is looking to deploy a disaster recovery solution, expand existing on-premise workloads, make services more performant for end-user demands, or overcome a roadblock of cloud operations, Cloud Launchpad can help with your business goals. As one of OpsGuru’s key services, Cloud Launchpad uses prescriptive best practices and pre-built infrastructure as code templates to:

Reduce the Cloud Learning Curve

We start your journey by educating your team on the five pillars of successful cloud adoption and provide personal coaching on best practices of cloud design and operations.

Lower the Barrier to Entry

Cloud adoption projects are often very expensive. Cloud Launchpad looks to change the game through a common baseline developed over hundreds of successful programs.

Reduce your Time to Market

At OpsGuru, accelerating cloud-native adoption is the driving force of the company. Use prescribed best practices to reduce the timeline of your cloud adoption program and speed up the deployment of these solutions.

Avoid Costly Refactors

Rushing cloud adoption programs commonly leaves technical debt which often causes cloud security and scalability problems.

Accelerate Compliance

Distilled from many implementations, Cloud Launchpad accelerates HIPAA, SOC2 and PCI compliance.

You Own the Codebase

You own the Terraform codebase to extend far beyond the Cloud Launchpad.

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How OpsGuru Delivers Cloud Launchpad

With rapid foundational development in as few as 5 days, Cloud Launchpad provides a long term roadmap for cloud success.

Step 1


OpsGuru team learns about the business goals, technology in the current environment.

Step 2

Cloud Launchpad Workshops

OpsGuru runs a series of training sessions to equip your teams with cloud best practices.

Step 3

Cloud Launchpad Rollout

OpsGuru & your team collaborate to configure Cloud Launchpad. It takes as few as 2 days for the full rollout.

Step 4

Hands-on Tutorial

Your team gets hands-on to build new resources on top of Cloud Launchpad code base using same infrastructure-as-code framework and process.

Step 5

Cloud Roadmap

OpsGuru & your team collaborate to configure Cloud Launchpad. It takes as few as 2 days for the full rollout.

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OpsGuru is Your Ideal Cloud Adoption Partner

As one of Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts and a certified Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Azure global partner, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to help you with many different aspects of the cloud adoption journey.

Skilled at Unlocking Funding Programs

As a multi-cloud partner, OpsGuru can help you de-risk your cloud adoption and maximize your chances of receiving funding with our deep knowledge of available funding programs.

Build your Internal Cloud Capabilities

We provide not only a technical solution but programs to steadily build client technical proficiency to develop your Cloud Center of Excellence. Continually extend, expand, and evolve while taking full advantage of the cloud.

Cloud Certified Engineers & Architects

With 100+ professionals and certifications, OpsGuru’s Kubernetes and data analytics experts have deep expertise in cloud-native solutions and deep experience helping customers achieve sustainable cloud success.

Battle Tested Cloud Adoption Solutions

We have spent years developing and testing our proprietary cloud adoption solutions which utilize prescriptive best practices to deliver secure cloud foundations.

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OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert100+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

Case StudyDriving the SMART City Movement Forward with the Deployment of AWS Microservices

Learn how the Amazon EKS-based solution designed by OpsGuru supported the containerization of Cocoflo’s AWS environment, moving the company one step closer to executing its goal of delivering community-centric solutions to municipalities.

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