Cloud Launchpad

Ready to soar into the cloud? OpsGuru’s Cloud Launchpad, using prescriptive best practices and pre-built infrastructure as code templates, paves the way to your own long-term cloud success by avoiding costly rework and delivering secure cloud foundations at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches.

Cloud Launchpad

There are many reasons to adopt cloud technologies, but whether a company is looking to deploy a disaster recovery solution, expand existing on-premise workloads, or making services more performant to their customers, the common question is "how do I ensure my company is successful in the cloud?"

Cloud Launchpad looks to reduce the common errors companies experience establishing their cloud foundations and to empower their organization to continue to own and operate their own environment.

Cloud Launchpad looks to:

  • Reduce the Cloud Learning Curve

    We start your journey by educating your team on the five pillars of successful cloud adoption.

  • Lower the Barrier to Entry

    Cloud adoption projects are often very expensive. Cloud Launchpad looks to change the game through a common baseline developed over hundreds of successful programs.

  • Reduce your Time to Market

    Use prescribed best practices to reduce the timeline of your cloud adoption program

  • Avoid Costly Refactors

    Rushing cloud adoption programs commonly leaves technical debt which commonly causes security and scalability problems. After the fact remediation is commonly more expensive than simply starting right.

Cloud Launchpad: Rapidly Adopt Cloud & Stay Within Budget

50+ customers across multiple industries & sectors


Rapid foundational deployment in as few as 5 days

Your team personally coached on best practices of cloud design and operations

Distilled from many implementations, the solution accelerates HIPAA, SOC2 and PCI compliance

You own the Terraform codebase to extend far beyond the Cloud Launchpad

Successful Outcomes from Cloud Launchpad

Infrastructure & GitOps

Standardized solution = easy expansion to other geographies for user proximity and disaster recovery

DevOps Principles

Streamlined operations = Reduce time to market. You can now deliver new features in minutes, not days

Security, Network, Access Management from Day 1

Rapid secure cloud deployment = Your focus on product features and advantages , not the cloud mechanics

Education, Workshop & Coaching

You have full ownership of the cloud foundation: source code, know-how, clear and executable roadmap.

How OpsGuru Delivers Cloud Launchpad


OpsGuru team learns about the business goals, technology in the current environment

Cloud Launchpad Workshops

OpsGuru runs a series of training sessions to equip your teams with cloud best practices.

Cloud Launchpad Rollout

OpsGuru & Your team collaborate to configure Cloud Launchpad. It takes as few as 2 days for the full rollout.

Hands-On Tutorial

Your team gets hands-on to build new resources on top of Cloud Launchpad code base using same infrastructure-as-code framework and process.

Cloud Roadmap

OpsGuru & Your team collaborate to configure Cloud Launchpad. It takes as few as 2 days for the full rollout.