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Eliminate cyber threats and keep your cloud environment secure and compliant with OpsGuru’s Arctic Wolf security experts.

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Strengthen Your Security Defences with OpsGuru’s Artic Wolf Experts

When time and resources are scarce for monitoring your cloud environment, you can rely on the expertise of OpsGuru's security professionals to safeguard your cloud environment against attacks and intrusions, ensuring swift and efficient responses.

As an Arctic Wolf Partner, OpsGuru offers unparalleled support and guidance to fortify your security posture, guaranteeing that your organization stays secure and meets stringent compliance standards.

The cloud-native Arctic Wolf platform integrates with your existing security tools to centralize data and elevate security insights. With the use of data science and artificial intelligence, the platform effectively monitors and identifies advanced threats and security incidents to augment the work performed by our security experts.

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How OpsGuru Helps You Build a Safer, More Resilient Cloud Environment

Managed Detection & Response

OpsGuru provides 24x7x365 monitoring of your cloud and on-premises environments with advanced threat detection to eradicate security breaches and contain threats before they cause damage. We investigate the root cause of security incidents to implement custom rules and workflows to harden your security posture.

Managed Risk

Through security controls benchmarking, we identify gaps in your environment against industry best practices, followed by comprehensive risk scoring and security posture reviews to quantify and compare the severity of the risks. Based on our findings, we offer personalized remediation with expert strategies to prioritize and implement key improvements, strengthening your overall security posture.

Managed Security Awareness

OpsGuru will help your organization build a security culture to empower your employees to identify and neutralize cyberattacks and mistakes that could expose your organization’s sensitive information. Managed awareness includes security awareness training, phishing simulations, and account takeover monitoring.

Incident Response

OpsGuru helps you streamline the incident response process from initial containment to complete restoration to ensure a comprehensive response strategy for any security events. We will address incidents at their core, ensure a thorough recovery of data and systems, and review plans to detect vulnerabilities.

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Your Dedicated Arctic Wolf Partner to Elevate Your Security Risk Posture

Tried & Tested Security Solutions

OpsGuru’s seasoned security operations experts have spent decades refining and perfecting cybersecurity solutions tailored to diverse industry challenges and needs.

Dedicated Team of Industry-Certified Experts

Our security experts will integrate seamlessly with your IT team, functioning as an invaluable extension that enhances your security posture with their expertise and insights.

Fixed, Scalable Pricing

OpsGuru’s security solutions are offered at a fixed monthly rate, giving you the flexibility to expand your infrastructure and usage as needed without any unexpected costs.

Security as a Concierge Service

At OpsGuru, we help our customers end cyber risk by providing security operations as a concierge service, delivering personalized, expert-driven solutions tailored to each customer’s unique security requirements.

Support for Compliance & Security Validation Initiatives

OpsGuru’s security experts have experience developing security solutions across sensitive and highly regulated industries. We will ensure your organization meets industry standards and regulatory requirements with confidence.

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