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What is Cloud Adoption?

Cloud adoption is a transformative business process that goes beyond a simple “lift and shift” to truly amplify your business agility.

Embracing a cloud-native approach involves more than just cloud migration of your on-premise data centre. It means evolving your entire technology stack and internal DevOps, integrating innovative business solutions to harness the full power, flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits of cloud platforms.

The Advantages of Cloud Adoption

Adopting cloud technology means planning for the future growth of your business, and ensuring that neither availability nor performance will impede your success.

Pay As You Grow

Start small with your cloud infrastructure and scale your cloud expenditure as your business expands.

Reduce Waste

Provision your cloud computing resources only when needed, and don’t pay for idle servers.

Accelerate Your Business

Empower your business to experiment, fail fast, and improve through access to cutting-edge cloud technologies.

Global Availability

Deploy and implement your cloud-native solutions worldwide with just a single click.

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How OpsGuru Manages Cloud Adoption Differently

Our Cloud Launchpad is a programmatic cloud adoption framework, enabling us to minimize consulting time and move quickly into providing value and exceptional business outcomes.

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OpsGuru is Your Ideal Cloud Adoption Provider

As one of Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts and cloud service providers with extensive experience in private cloud and the major public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform), OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to guide you on your digital transformation and cloud adoption journey.

Skilled at Unlocking Funding Programs

As a multi-cloud partner, OpsGuru has vast knowledge of available funding programs that help customers de-risk their cloud adoption and maximize their chances of cloud success.

Build Your Internal Cloud Capabilities

As a leading cloud services provider, we offer more than just technical solutions but a comprehensive cloud strategy that includes programs to steadily build your cloud knowledge. Develop your Cloud Centre of Excellence and continually expand, extend, and evolve your cloud environment.

Cloud Certified Engineers & Architects

With 200+ professionals and certifications, OpsGuru has a deep bench of cloud-native expertise and multi-cloud experience to steer you through your cloud journey.

Battle-Tested Cloud Adoption

We’ve spent years refining our proprietary cloud adoption solutions, employing prescriptive best practices to deliver solid cloud foundations with optimal data security.

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OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert200+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

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Case StudyHIPAA Compliant Genomics Platform

Thanks to the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad, Emedgene secured a HIPAA-compliant AWS foundation, empowering them to expand their patient care solution worldwide.

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