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What Can My Data Do For Me?

At every step of every process, your organization is losing valuable knowledge.

By building the infrastructure to unlock high quality data, centralize it from disparate sources, and transform it into actionable information, you gain the insights you need to make smarter decisions, evolve your business, and create a foundation for constant innovation.

  • Data volume is growing exponentially, IDG report shows there will be 175 zetabytes of data in the world by 2025.
  • Collecting data is the first step to the goal of getting real value in the form of actionable insights from data.

Obstacles to Actionable Insights

Collecting and analyzing large amounts of data into something actionable is highly complex, but OpsGuru’s team of analytics professionals and data analysts can help you with all stages of the process:

Find the Right Data Storage

A centralized data storage is no longer attainable as data is growing at an exponential rate. The challenge now is to identify the right storage for the right types of data.

Scale to User Demand

Making data and analytics available just at the right time while keeping costs low brings another layer to the already complex data challenge.

Find Domain Data Talent

Data complexity lies with "asking the right question," which requires domain experts who understand the nature of the business and the data collected across the different sources.

Integrate Diverse & Massive Data Sets

Insights require an understanding of the full dataset. As data sources become more diverse, it is difficult to train employees to understand all data sources and be able to harness it.

Data Security &

Diverse data leads to diverse components of the data stack, which leads in turn to larger attack surfaces. The ephemeral nature of cloud also means a different data security strategy is needed.

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How OpsGuru Helps You Unlock Data Insights

Our Cloud Launchpad solution is a programmatic approach to cloud adoption which allows us to minimize the time spent consulting and move quickly into delivering value.

Data Ingest &
Storage Infrastructure

OpsGuru helps you identify the most effective i.e. speedy, scalable, reliable & cost-efficient data strategy to collect and store data, be it from IoT clickstreams, application logs and historical data in bulk.

Data Security
and Operations

OpsGuru helps you protect your data & analytics investments by designing the security guardrails to ensure your data confidentiality, integrity and availability. We ensure your data processes align with your other delivery workflows such that the data you need is right at your reach when you need it.

Machine Learning

OpsGuru works with your domain experts to build the necessary process and infrastructure to facilitate data tagging, model training and serving using tools such as Jupyter, Tensorflow and Kubeflow.

Reporting and

OpsGuru’s team works with you to ensure you get the real time and intuitive dashboards, widgets and reports that give you the insights whenever and wherever you need it.

Data Processing

OpsGuru helps you build the pipelines to facilitate data processing such that you get close to valid and actionable insights as early as possible.

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Case StudyHIPAA Compliant Genomics Platform

Because of the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad, Emedgene had gained a HIPAA-compliant AWS foundation that enabled them to extend their solution for patient care globally.

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