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Effortlessly scale your infrastructure and optimize your cloud environment through the power of VMware.

With OpsGuru’s managed VMC on AWS cloud service, you will gain the elasticity of the public and hybrid cloud with the familiarity of VMware to accelerate your business transformation goals.

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What is VMware Cloud on AWS?

For many organizations, transitioning some or all of their infrastructure to the public cloud is crucial to their digital transformation strategy.

Migrating to the public cloud eliminates the need for large, upfront capital expenditures on hardware, software licenses, and data centre leases. When you remove these upfront costs, you add elasticity, scalability, and on-demand consumption.

However, realizing these benefits is frequently delayed so teams can train and upskill in the cloud operating model.

VMC on AWS offers the shortest path for organizations to adopt the public or hybrid cloud with familiar VMware compute tools, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX. This marks the initial phase of the modernization process and is a broader aspect of the holistic digital transformation approach.

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Is Managed VMC on AWS Right for Your Organization?

When your business is expanding, and you need to transition your IT infrastructure but don’t have the technical knowledge or resources to manage these changes, managed VMC on AWS offers the perfect solution to cost-effectively migrate and scale rapidly to the cloud.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can fast-track your application modernization while maintaining your existing VMware workloads, tools, and processes and gaining optimized access to AWS services. This way, you mitigate the risk of a full commitment to a migration to the public cloud and severing ties with your existing cloud environment.

When you work with OpsGuru, you’ll have access to a respected AWS Premier Partner with the expertise you need to fully manage your workloads and network infrastructure so you can concentrate on other critical aspects of your business.

How OpsGuru Enhances Your Cloud Experience with VMware Cloud on AWS

OpsGuru provides a managed service to help you take full advantage of your cloud environment. Here’s how our VMC cloud on AWS services help you leverage the benefits of VMware cloud technology for your business.

Step 1:

Assess & Plan Migration

We will examine your virtual machines, operations, on-premises workloads, and existing cloud infrastructure and assess your business drivers and goals. Then, based on our findings, we will develop a well-defined cloud migration strategy.

Step 2:

Operationalize Cloud Migration

We will work with you to operationalize your migration strategy and fully manage your cloud migration process.

Step 3:

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

We will continually monitor your systems to ensure ongoing efficiency.

Step 4:

Accelerate Improvement

We will constantly look for opportunities to modernize and improve your infrastructure.

We’re an Award-Winning Canadian AWS Premier Partner & VMware Cloud Verified Premier Partner

With OpsGuru’s VMC on AWS managed service, you will have a partner to guide you throughout your cloud journey. Our cloud experts have the technical expertise and experience to provide a fully managed service from the initial assessment phase to implementation and ongoing monitoring. Our fully managed VMC on AWS support includes infrastructure monitoring, software licensing, storage, backups, security patching, disaster recovery, and capacity planning.

Partner Image
Partner Image
Award-Winning Success in Hybrid Cloud Migrations

Award-Winning Success in Hybrid Cloud Migrations

OpsGuru is proud to be recognized as an AWS Premier Partner, AWS Canadian Partner of the Year for 2023, AWS Canada’s Migration and Modernization Partner of the Year for 2022, and Consulting Partner of the Year for 2021 due to our success in helping organizations migrate and modernize their infrastructure on public and hybrid cloud. We will facilitate an end-to-end roadmap for your entire cloud journey to help you reach a modern, optimized state using VMware Cloud and AWS infrastructure.

Canada's Managed Hybrid Cloud Experts

Canada's Managed Hybrid Cloud Experts

With decades of experience in award-winning public cloud consulting services, OpsGuru offers exceptional end-to-end hybrid cloud expertise. As a Canadian top-tier VMware Cloud Verified Partner and AWS Premier Partner, no one is more qualified to help you establish the underlying foundation to successfully implement VMC on AWS.

Proven Success Through Modernization and Continuous Improvement

Proven Success Through Modernization and Continuous Improvement

As a VMC on AWS provider, our cloud experts will become an extension of your team. We will continuously monitor your infrastructure to ensure operational consistency, efficiency, and performance to support the long-term success of your business.

AWS Cloud Certified Engineers & Architects

AWS Cloud Certified Engineers & Architects

With 200+ professionals and certifications and 19+ AWS competencies and specializations, OpsGuru’s VMC on AWS experts have deep expertise in cloud-native solutions. We have extensive experience helping customers achieve sustainable cloud success across various public and hybrid cloud environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of VMC on AWS?

VMC merges VMware's enterprise-class software with AWS's scalable infrastructure, offering seamless hybrid cloud integration, operational simplicity, and rapid scalability.

The solution accelerates cloud migration by allowing workloads to move without re-architecting, reduces operational complexity, and provides access to AWS's extensive services for innovation. It supports robust disaster recovery, enhances security, and offers cost efficiency through flexible scaling and using existing VMware licenses.

With VMC on AWS, businesses benefit from simplified management across hybrid environments, making it an effective strategy for IT modernization and cloud adoption.

Are there any specific industries or applications that benefit most from VMC on AWS?

VMC on AWS benefits many industries and applications due to its flexibility, scalability, and the seamless integration of VMware's enterprise-class software with AWS's robust cloud infrastructure. Here are some examples:

  • Healthcare: Maintaining data privacy and meeting regulatory compliance are paramount for healthcare organizations. VMC on AWS offers secure and compliant cloud solutions that can handle sensitive patient data while providing scalability for patient care applications and data analytics.
  • Financial services: Financial institutions can benefit from VMC on AWS by leveraging its secure and resilient infrastructure for high-volume transactions, data analytics, and customer service applications, all while adhering to strict compliance standards.
  • Public sector: Government and public sector agencies can leverage VMC on AWS to modernize their IT infrastructure, improve service delivery to citizens, and ensure data security and compliance with government regulations.

How does VMC on AWS support disaster recovery and business continuity planning?

VMC on AWS offers a streamlined and efficient approach to disaster recovery and business continuity, combining VMware's robust disaster recovery technologies with AWS's scalable infrastructure. It simplifies disaster recovery setup by allowing seamless replication of VMware workloads to AWS, supports flexible recovery options, and ensures consistent management with familiar VMware tools. The solution enables you to leverage AWS's global reach for strategic placement of recovery sites, integrates advanced security features, and provides cost-effective scalability by utilizing cloud resources. Additionally, VMC on AWS facilitates easy, non-disruptive disaster recovery testing, ensuring you can prepare for and respond to disruptions, minimizing downtime and protecting critical operations.