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Leverage the expertise of OpsGuru's multi-cloud experts to simplify and expand your data engineering, machine learning, and business analytics efforts using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Databricks is a unified, open analytics platform for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade data, analytics, and Generative AI solutions at scale. The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform integrates with cloud storage and security in your cloud account and manages and deploys cloud infrastructure on your behalf.

OpsGuru can design and implement scalable data analytics solutions leveraging Databricks that can grow with their business. With Databricks’ powerful analytics capabilities, you can experience better decision-making, optimized data processing workflows, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to identify new business opportunities.

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Our Databricks Competencies to Steer Your Data-Driven Success

Databricks Consulting Partner

OpsGuru is part of the Databricks Partner Program, demonstrating our experience and expertise in developing innovative solutions and cloud services to help our customers take full advantage of Databricks.

Databricks Certifications & Badges to Unlock Your Data Potential

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Machine Learning

AWS Databricks Platform Architect

Databricks Lakehouse Fundamentals

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How OpsGuru Helps You Leverage the Full Analytics Capabilities of Databricks

Clear Path Forward for Data

We assist you in developing a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with your business needs and objectives. We’ll provide a strategic roadmap designed to streamline your data analytics approach.

Cloud Launchpad for Databricks

OpsGuru delivers a Databricks Landing Zone as an Infrastructure as Code template for accelerated deployment of Databricks with best practices in mind. With automation integrated into the process and emphasis on skills enhancement for your team, OpsGuru can help you enhance operational efficiency and ensure you are well-equipped to manage and optimize the Databricks environment effectively.

Migration to Databricks

With a skilled team of data architects, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence specialists, and data engineers, OpsGuru helps you migrate and modernize your data platforms. This service includes the implementation of data ingestion, transformation, and analytics processes.

Engineering on Demand

Through our Engineering on Demand services, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of cloud experts for continued development and support on Databricks, including data governance, integration, and platform management.

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Your Dedicated Databricks Partner to Guide You to Data Excellence

Multi-Cloud Support

As an AWS Premier Partner, Microsoft Azure Solutions Partner, and Google Cloud Premier Partner, OpsGuru’s team of multi-cloud specialists offers comprehensive cloud support, no matter your cloud platform.

End-to-End Support

From initial system setup and configuration to advanced analytics and machine learning model development OpsGuru offers end-to-end support across the entire Databricks ecosystem.

Experienced & Certified Team

OpsGuru has decades of experience and 200+ certifications across all major clouds. Our multi-cloud experts have the expertise to design, implement, and manage complex data and cloud solutions.

Demonstrated Track Record

OpsGuru has a demonstrated track record of delivering transformative cloud solutions across several industry verticals, including healthcare, fintech, retail, and oil and gas.

Skilled at Unlocking Funding

OpsGuru has extensive knowledge of and access to available funding programs to help you maximize your chances of receiving funding.

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