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How to Transform Your Public Sector Organization with Cloud Adoption

How to Transform Your Public Sector Organization with Cloud Adoption

Whether you work in government, education, non-profit, or healthcare, we know that your public sector organization is unique – and so are its individual challenges, from budgetary restrictions to significant governance, security and compliance requirements. 

For many organizations, cloud adoption can ease the burden of these challenges through the many benefits that come from digital transformation.​​ As an experienced cloud consultant that’s handled these challenges head-on, OpsGuru understands how to help organizations in the public sector leverage the undeniable advantages of the cloud.

“It’s all about the people.”

 Team members in public sector organizations have an inherent interest in helping drive citizen outcomes, patient wellness, or the general public good. Adopting cloud technologies means that your organization will need to transform your existing staff’s hiring practices and career paths. A comprehensive enablement and migration plan will be essential for ensuring success. To understand more, let’s take a closer look at the steps for ensuring a successful cloud migration. 

The Key Steps for Ensuring a Successful Cloud Migration      

Working with AWS and OpsGuru to map out the reason behind your cloud adoption, you can create a shortcut to success as other companies have by following these six essential steps to cloud migration:

  1. Establish the Goal for Cloud Adoption: The first step focuses on establishing a plan based on your organization’s ultimate goal for cloud adoption. OpsGuru works with you to create a mission-driven case for migration, helping you begin the process of instilling a change management mindset throughout your workforce.
  2. Understand your Compliance Requirements: In the second step, OpsGuru helps customers understand the robust controls needed to maintain security and compliance in the cloud. Understanding compliance governance will help your organization better understand the cloud environment and help define the activities to be performed.
  3. Assess your Organizational Capabilities: In the third step, OpsGuru guides you in developing a team of your own people to lead the transformation according to your goals for adoption. As your move to the cloud evolves, so will the effectiveness of your organization’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team.
  4. Establish Compliant Cloud Foundations: The fourth step focuses on establishing a compliant cloud foundation. With tools like OpsGuru’s Cloud Launchpad, a multi-faceted approach to move organizations to the cloud rapidly and securely, public sector organizations can achieve rapid foundational cloud deployments by rolling out a scalable and secure cloud foundation.
  5. Plan the Right Migration Strategies: There are a variety of strategies to review when seeking to migrate workloads to the cloud. In step five, OpsGuru helps your organization find the right combination, grouping your applications according to the “7R” strategies to ensure the smoothest migration.
  6. Execute your Migration: The final step involves ramping up the migration effort. As you land more applications and workloads on AWS, the focus shifts from the individual application level to the portfolio level. A continuous improvement approach is often recommended, with OpsGuru serving as your committed expert consultant throughout the journey. 

Expert Guidance Through Your Cloud Migration 

Awarded 2021 Canada AWS Consulting Partner of the Year, OpsGuru provides your organization with all of the training, tools, security, and expertise necessary to move forward, achieve success, and master your migration to AWS. 

OpsGuru has empowered hundreds of customers from multiple industries to successfully adopt cloud technologies and achieve success by delivering Cloud Adoption, Application Modernization, Kubernetes Enablement, Cloud Security, Data Analytics and Managed Cloud services to customers across the world.

Our deep experience with the cloud in enterprise and SaaS makes us uniquely qualified to help you on your cloud migration and digital transformation journey. As an AWS partner, OpsGuru can offer expert assistance on:

  • Cloud Migration Strategy: Providing all the tools and capabilities to successfully adopt cloud solutions.
  • Security & Compliance: Providing tailored cloud security approach in alignment with compliance and security best practices.
  • Build your Internal Cloud Capabilities: OpsGuru provides not only a technical solution but programs to steadily build your team’s know-how to develop your AWS Cloud Center of Excellence and continually extend, expand, and evolve.

The decision to commit your organization to the cloud is a big move but can be successfully achieved by following the six essential steps to migration under the guidance of the right partnership. Interested in examining those steps more closely as you consider adopting cloud?

Download the Cloud Migration in the Public Sector: 6 Key Steps to Success Ebook to learn the steps for ensuring a successful cloud migration and transform your mission-driven initiatives.

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