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OpsGuru Achieves the AWS Lambda Service Delivery Designation

OpsGuru Achieves the AWS Lambda Service Delivery Designation

OpsGuru is proud to announce that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery designation for AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda is a groundbreaking, event-driven, serverless computing platform that allows developers to run code without the need to manage or provision servers, handling the computing resources automatically. 

Achieving the AWS Lambda designation demonstrates OpsGuru’s deep expertise and experience in developing and deploying scalable, event-driven, serverless applications using AWS Lambda. This recognition also further strengthens our position as a leader in AWS solutions and sets the stage for further innovations and success stories.

Through AWS Lambda, we've driven exceptional, transformative solutions for our customers, showcasing our ability to create responsive, event-driven systems that adapt to real-time business needs, significantly reducing operational overhead and enhancing overall performance. 

“We are proud to receive this recognition that is a testament to our team's unwavering commitment and deep expertise in leveraging AWS Lambda to develop scalable, serverless, and event-driven solutions. Through AWS Lambda, we empower our customers with applications that are highly efficient, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth while we handle the complexities of server management and scalability.”  

Alan Williamson | Vice President, Engineering @ OpsGuru

In addition to the AWS Lambda Service Delivery, OpsGuru also holds the AWS Resilience Services Competency, AWS DevOps Competency, AWS Migration Competency, AWS SaaS Competency, Microsoft Workloads Competency, AWS Networking Competency, Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery, Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery and the Amazon EKS Delivery.

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