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OpsGuru and House of Brick partner for confident and cost-effective Oracle migrations to AWS

OpsGuru and House of Brick partner for confident and cost-effective Oracle migrations to AWS

OpsGuru, a leading cloud modernization consultancy, announces their partnership with House of Brick, a leading specialist in optimizing software licensing costs, to help customers manage the risk of migrating and modernizing operationally critical Oracle databases on AWS.

While many organizations have come to rely on Oracle's resilience and stability to run core business processes, the recent dramatic upswing in consumer online activity can drive significant operational costs. Dave Lindon, General Manager at OpsGuru, says, "As more consumers go online, companies need the capability and technology to support that growth."

The partnership helps Oracle customers migrate Oracle-based workloads confidently and kick-start database modernization in the cloud. Lindon says, "Companies are looking to shave margins any way possible. Amazon Web Services lets you harness the latest processor technology much faster than many on-premises environments, which will help customers see significantly more bang for the buck."

“House of Brick welcomes partnering with OpsGuru, particularly given their strength in customer migrations to AWS,” states Bob Lindquist, VP of Global Partner Development at House of Brick Technologies. “With our partnership, customers will experience end-to-end cloud solutions and support options, whether for first-time AWS migrations out of a data center to business-critical system migrations of Oracle.”

Migrating Oracle workloads to AWS can cut costs and provide customers with the scalability they need to keep up with growth. In addition, it can be the first step towards complete database modernization on the AWS platform.

Lindon says that while organizations appreciate the benefits of an AWS migration, doing it in-house can be disruptive, particularly for organizations with little or no experience in complex cloud migrations. "We've facilitated nearly 500 cloud migrations, mostly to AWS, and we've learned a lot from that," he says. "We're able to navigate the Oracle journey to AWS better than anyone else." The key to success is OpsGuru's ability to understand unique customer requirements to develop a relevant solution. "We don't carbon-copy one migration for another customer," he says.

Migrating to AWS enables organizations to outsource data centre maintenance and administration, take advantage of new software development practices and leverage the entire suite of AWS technologies and services, such as its data analytics suite. Lindon says, "By not being beholden to your data centre size, you open everything up for your organization."

OpsGuru uses several AWS services for migration and modernization, such as the Partner Opportunity Acceleration Program and the Database Freedom program to ensure quick, successful migrations.

House of Brick and OpsGuru have already worked together to enable many successful AWS migrations. House of Brick helps customers ensure licensing compliance, prepare for audits, and avoid costly penalties that can result from them. Lindon says, "You want to make sure that when you migrate, your licensing costs do not drastically increase, and you remain compliant. House of Brick are experts at this."

“At House of Brick, we help customers ensure a compliant and performant migration of Oracle to AWS. HoB’s Oracle license advisory services and our OpsCompass license management tools complement OpsGuru’s AWS migration consulting options, enabling Oracle customers to migrate both their database platform and licenses in the most cost-effective and highly resilient manner,” says Lindquist.

The two companies recently migrated Oracle workloads for an auction house experiencing a sustained spike in online activity. "The company's database and technology costs were getting out of hand," Lindon says. "It needed a platform to accommodate growth and be able to bring new products to the market, which wasn't possible before its migration." He says that the migration gave the company immediate access to the cost and performance benefits of running Oracle workloads in the cloud, with the ability to modernize with an open-source database going forward. "They took the 'best of both worlds' approach," he says.

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OpsGuru, a Carbon60 company and the 2021 Canadian AWS Consulting Partner of the Year, specializes in cloud adoption, application modernization, Kubernetes enablement, managed cloud operations, cloud security and data analytics services. The company provides customers with guidance for solutions like networking, big data, DevOps, migration and IoT for markets such as financial services, retail, mining, public sector, SaaS, and digital media.

About House of Brick

House of Brick couples innovative software solutions with world-class consulting expertise to solve the industry’s most complex cloud migration and operational challenges. We automatically monitor our customers’ cloud environments for cost overruns, security vulnerabilities, compliance variances, and operational inefficiencies to alert them to issues before they become problems. With nearly 25 years of proven success, House of Brick focuses on optimizing Oracle and Microsoft workloads running in AWS, Azure and VMware public and private cloud environments. To learn more, visit https://houseofbrick.com.

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