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OpsGuru an AWS SaaS Competency Launch Partner

OpsGuru an AWS SaaS Competency Launch Partner

Today OpsGuru announces that we have achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS Competency. We are also honoured to be the only Canadian Launch Partner of the AWS SaaS CompetencyAchieving an AWS Competency designation is not an easy feat. For the past few months, OpsGuru has worked with AWS through a rigorous validation process. The detailed process required OpsGuru to prove our expertise in designing architectures and deployments for multi-tenant, secure and scalable SaaS platforms on AWS. The process also required customer validation and review, obsessing over details of our previous work with our customers to ensure quality.

One of the key differentiators of the AWS SaaS Competency is its focus on multi-tenancy. While the AWS Well-Architected Framework lays out clear guidance for establishing a strong foundation for any AWS workload, multi-tenancy adds a new dimension of complexity. The requirements for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance and cost optimization become that much more uncompromising as the expectations for customer experience on SaaS offerings are constantly being raised.

While OpsGuru prides itself on Big Data and Kubernetes expertise, we believe that such cloud-native technologies only show real value when the cloud foundation is strong and sound. As such, OpsGuru has invested heavily in the Cloud Launchpad, because we believe that a strong foundation is the only way to a secure, scalable, dependable and cost-effective SaaS offering.

Through the last few years, OpsGuru has worked with a number of independent software providers (ISV’s) to adopt, expand and optimize on AWS. As a result, we have developed deep insights into the exact questions ISVs should ask when deploying and optimizing a SaaS solution on AWS. This allows us to lead our customers to tackle the highest risks early in the design process by identifying performance bottlenecks, cost inefficiencies, operational gaps, and vulnerable security practices well before they could find their way into the product. Despite AWS providing almost infinite scaling potential, SaaS applications regularly push the boundaries of AWS and require deep thought to fortify and ensure platforms can meet growing peak demands. As COVID-19 continues to usher in a new economic landscape, SaaS has rapidly become the preferred software delivery mechanism. CIOs place deep trust in SaaS organizations to operate their entire stack and this trust requires SaaS vendors to target the highest levels of availability. Trust is indeed easy to lose and hard to regain.

To celebrate the achievement of the AWS SaaS competency, OpsGuru will be releasing a whitepaper distilling some key lessons learned entitled “Building a SaaS Offering on AWS”. This whitepaper will share a number of our best practices learned and highlight factors that your team should consider when delivering a multi-tenanted solution. The paper will be released next week, but you can secure one of the first copies by submitting your contact information here.

Interested in learning more about what the AWS SaaS Competency is? Are you curious about how OpsGuru can help your organization build a SaaS offering in tune with the drastically changing commercial environments and customer behaviour? Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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