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At OpsGuru, we help you understand how Generative AI can support your digital transformation business goals and define your “Clear Path Forward” in the AI landscape. Get your custom Generative AI strategy and roadmap.

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Strategic Guidance Through the Generative AI Landscape

Generative AI has garnered a lot of attention and excitement, promising transformational outcomes for today’s businesses. At OpsGuru, we bridge the gap between the heightened attention around Generative AI and its tangible benefits for your business.

We will help you understand the benefits and limitations of Generative AI, make strategic decisions on applying the technology to drive your business outcomes, and eliminate the risk of misguided investment decisions. Our service:

  • Arms you with the information required to build a strategy around Generative AI specifically targeted to your business.
  • Shows you the specific concepts within Generative AI that are most relevant to your business, using your own use cases to build a foundational understanding of those concepts and providing a focus for further research, if needed.
  • Accelerates your time-to-market by sidestepping common pitfalls.
  • Maximizes your ROI with a prioritized roadmap tailored to your business goals.
  • Offers cost models to guide your investment before implementation efforts begin.
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How OpsGuru Delivers Generative AI Support

Phase 1:

Business Alignment

We start with an executive briefing to your business leaders on the state of Generative AI and how it is transforming businesses. Primed with this knowledge, we then run interactive workshops to ideate and identify business goals, priorities, and requirements for Generative AI.

Phase 2:

Technical Discovery

OpsGuru's team will meet with your data scientists, engineers, and operators to understand the state of your data and analytics platforms and processes. These sessions focus on determining current capabilities related to Data/AI/ML Operations, Data Governance, Infrastructure Management, Platform Architecture, Model Selection, and Training Processes.

Phase 3:

Solution Design

OpsGuru will hold interactive sessions with your technical teams to present and refine solution(s) that meet the objectives identified in Phase 1 while addressing gaps identified in Phase 2. Once finalized, the solution(s) will be documented and used to build a prioritized implementation roadmap.

Phase 4:

Report Review

The final report includes the recommended solutions and roadmap, along with a description of how each element contributes to your business's Generative AI goals. This report is summarized in a presentation delivered to all stakeholders.

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Why Choose OpsGuru as Your Generative AI Partner?

As Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to help you uncover the value of Generative AI for your business and the path toward successful implementation.

Technical & Operational Expertise

Generative AI is a technology that can have an immense and immediate impact on businesses but also requires in-depth technical knowledge of AI/Machine Learning and how to operationalize the cloud. OpsGuru is uniquely positioned with a proven track record in both areas, particularly when implementing solutions on the public cloud.

A Clear & Customized Roadmap

OpsGuru’s experts equip you with a strategic roadmap, designed to help you navigate the complexities of Generative AI and harness its potential to achieve your desired business outcomes — not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Maximized Return on Investment

Our experts are here to help you identify the optimal approach for your business needs, regardless of whether it is Generative AI or not. Our approach is based on deep conversations to understand your actual goals, so you avoid spending time and money on technology you don’t need.

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Case StudyLeading Market Research Innovation with OpsGuru’s GenAI Guidance

Learn how OpsGuru helped Alida with a GenAI solution, using Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic Claude, to analyze thousands of qualitative market research responses in a matter of minutes – while augmenting data security and ethics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does OpsGuru’s definition of Generative AI differ from the mainstream definition?

"Generative AI" is often used as a catch-all term for a wide variety of AI applications. Its popular use is effectively synonymous with "Human-Like Behavior". Googling "Generative AI" returns definitions and examples ranging from writing code and blog posts to language translation and business process automation.

However, Generative AI has a specific technical meaning that often contradicts popular uses of the term.

How can Generative AI give us a competitive edge in our industry?

Generative AI can offer businesses the potential to create, optimize, and personalize at scale, effectively transforming business operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving innovation. However, it's essential to approach its adoption strategically, ensuring alignment with business goals.

​​How secure are Generative AI solutions, and what measures are in place to protect our data and intellectual property?

Generative AI solutions, like other software systems, can be vulnerable if not properly secured. Their security largely depends on the infrastructure they're deployed on and the practices followed during development and deployment. In order to protect data and intellectual property, it's essential to implement robust encryption, restrict access to trained models, regularly audit and update systems, and use secure data storage solutions. Additionally, using differential privacy during training can help in anonymizing data, making it harder to reverse-engineer.