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On-demand cloud engineering support when you need it most.

OpsGuru’s on-demand cloud engineering service is a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to scale your existing engineering team and drive business value with fractional support from a dedicated pod of expert cloud engineers.

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We Work With Future-Oriented Organizations to Drive Transformation

Flexible, On-Demand Cloud Engineering Services to Tackle Your Cloud Backlog

To stay competitive, organizations need to constantly evolve their technology and source the right expertise and cloud resources to effectively optimize cloud environments.

OpsGuru’s Engineering on Demand offering is designed to proactively enhance your public cloud (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud) platform’s security, reliability, performance, cost, and operational best practices postures.

Through a process of continuous improvement and leveraging agile delivery, OpsGuru’s team of multi-cloud engineers will collaborate closely with your engineering team to help you:

  • Improve your existing cloud platform
  • Empower your team
  • Accelerate your cloud transformation goals
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The Benefits of OpsGuru’s Engineering on Demand

With deep expertise in cloud-native architecture and technologies, OpsGuru has a proven track record of delivering over 500 successful cloud projects across multiple industry verticals.

Our team of multi-cloud engineers is dedicated to empowering your organization, providing the support required to optimize your cloud environment and achieve your digital transformation objectives.

With OpsGuru’s Engineering on Demand, your organization will experience:


Benefit from the flexibility to scale your Engineering on Demand capacity as needed. With OpsGuru’s flexible cloud engineering solutions, you’ll have immediate access to top cloud engineering expertise as and when required. We’re always available and ready to address your priorities when you need us most.


Engineering on Demand is a flexible cloud-managed services model that allows you to scale the amount of time and work you need to be done with fractional cloud engineering assistance.


Engineering on Demand provides top-quality, consistent engineering throughput specifically tailored to your business goals and needs. No more unpredictable spikes in cost!


By working with OpsGuru, your team will have access to industry experts and veterans in managed cloud services who can provide technical guidance, mentorship, and oversight to your team members.

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Use Cases for Engineering on Demand

Enhance Existing Systems

With Engineering on Demand, you’ll have access to a pod of engineers dedicated to proactively improving your existing cloud platform for optimal cloud security, performance, and reliability according to your business priorities and goals.

Upgrade Existing Deployments

When you need to upgrade an existing cloud deployment, such as Kubernetes cluster upgrades or AWS legacy services, OpsGuru’s Engineering on Demand will ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption and high availability.

Implement Infrastructure-as-Code Best Practices

Leveraging Terraform and CloudFormation, OpsGuru’s cloud engineers will help you implement cloud Infrastructure-as-Code best practices to ensure enhanced provisioning and management of your cloud infrastructure.

Increased Cost Savings

When you need to tackle tasks beyond your internal engineering capabilities, OpsGuru's Engineering on Demand offers a cost-effective solution. No need to hire in-house as you have immediate access to an already established team of expert cloud engineers, thus benefiting from predictable billing and minimal ramp-up time.

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What Our Clients Say…

Working with OpsGuru enabled Next Insurance to focus on our business while leaving the cloud technology challenges to the OpsGuru team. It helped us to work with a secure and isolated infrastructure, automatic deployments, defined application lifecycles while keeping peace of mind that our infrastructure was built following the latest cloud best practices and years of operational knowledge.

Next Insurance Director, DevOps at Next Insurance

How OpsGuru Delivers Engineering on Demand

When you need immediate assistance to address your cloud engineering needs, there’s no time for a drawn-out onboarding. We don’t delay in getting started. Our quick onboarding process includes:

Phase 1:

Kickoff Session

We’ll start with an initial meeting to introduce the team members and understand your business needs, current gaps, and priorities.

Phase 2:

Define the Backlog

We’ll work collaboratively with you to establish what work is needed and create a cloud strategy to address your greatest priorities.

Phase 3:

Execute the Work

We’ll get to work on clearing the backlog and working on any other priorities you have for your cloud environment. With regular reviews, we will refine the backlog according to your business requirements.

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OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert200+ Certifications Across All Major Cloud Service Providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can on-demand cloud engineering services benefit my business?

Cloud engineering services can greatly benefit your business by providing expert support in optimizing your cloud environment and achieving your business objectives in the cloud.

With access to a team of multi-cloud engineers, you gain flexibility, scalability, and predictability while we take care of managing your cloud environment. You can scale your engineering capacity as needed and optimize resource utilization. Additionally, these services empower your organization by providing technical guidance, mentorship, and oversight from industry experts. Engineering on Demand offers cost-effective cloud solutions without the need for in-house hiring, ultimately driving digital transformation and business growth.

What cloud platforms does OpsGuru work with for cloud Engineering on Demand?

OpsGuru’s cloud engineers are multi-cloud specialists. No matter your cloud environment, our team has experience across all the major cloud platforms and can provide on-demand cloud engineering services to optimize your environment.

​​Do you also offer cloud migration services?

Yes, as part of our comprehensive cloud services, OpsGuru offers cloud migration services. Our cloud consultants and engineers will work with you as you embark on your cloud journey to find the best cloud migration strategy so you can maximize the benefits of cloud technology for your business.