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Unlock the full potential of the cloud for your organization.

Together with OpsGuru, you will discover the full power of the cloud and your organization will be enabled to attain its business objectives through cloud technology.

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We Work With Future-Oriented Organizations to Drive Transformation

Navigate Your Cloud Journey with Confidence

Embarking on your cloud journey can be challenging. While migrating workloads to the cloud and adopting new tools are often the core initiative, a successful cloud journey also requires investment into other non-technical areas. This includes defining new roles and responsibilities, updating business processes, as well as upskilling and supporting your IT teams to operate effectively in the cloud environment.

OpsGuru’s cloud advisory team can ensure that you are making the right investments at the right time.

OpsGuru can provide guidance and support for a variety of cloud-related needs, whether you are new to cloud technology, seeking to adopt cloud solutions, or looking to develop a multi-cloud, single-cloud, or hybrid cloud strategy.

Understand the Value of the Cloud

With OpsGuru’s cloud advisory services, you will gain a deeper understanding of cloud technology and how it accelerates acquiring value for your organization. Whatever your cloud-related goals may be, you’ll have a trusted cloud advisory partner to help you navigate this complex landscape and make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

Develop a Cloud-Powered Transformation

With cloud advisory services, you’ll have a clear roadmap that identifies the challenges and the key steps required for successful cloud adoption. By confirming the shared vision and cloud adoption goals, OpsGuru helps you to define the roadmap with clear milestones and necessary investments to navigate toward the target state of advancing your business goals.

Accelerate Innovation and Business Growth

In today’s dynamic technological landscape, you need to innovate rapidly and respond quickly to your customer’s ever-changing needs to remain ahead of your competitors. Cloud adoption not only presents an opportunity for transformation, but it also presents a vehicle for your organization to evolve your processes, service offerings, and business. Our team of cloud advisors can assist you in achieving a streamlined workload migration and rapid innovation on the cloud, while also promoting team engagement through cloud upskilling and enablement plans.

Build an Engine for Change

OpsGuru will be your trusted cloud advisory consultant to boost your organizational confidence through developing an understanding of cloud operation and transformation, and advancing cloud capabilities. With cloud advisory services, you will benefit from having a think tank to strategize on technology adoption and strengthen your organizational knowledge on practical and sustainable ways to maximize your cloud investment.

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How OpsGuru Provides Cloud Advisory Services

OpsGuru’s multi-cloud experts collaborate with your organization to identify the most suitable cloud computing strategy and create a comprehensive, tailored roadmap for your organization.

As part of our cloud advisory services, we will work through the following steps:

Step 01:

Set Goals and Develop Cloud Roadmap

We will begin with an initial discovery meeting to discuss your business objectives and goals and answer questions related to your cloud journey.

Step 02:

Unpack Cloud With Your Teams Through Workshops

We will conduct workshops and educate teams on key topics of cloud adoption, e.g., shared responsibility model, DevOps, Agile, Platform Engineering, FinOps, and applicability to your organization.

Step 03:

Identify Learning Needs to Prepare and Grow Your Teams for Cloud

We will assess the current skills and knowledge within your organization, identify gaps and opportunities, and provide a learning plan to upskill and train your teams. With practical and sustainable knowledge, your teams will find success and be empowered to operate in the cloud.

Step 04:

Navigate Cloud Adoption through Steering Meetings

We will hold regular meetings to track the progress of your roadmap, identify and mitigate risks, and share the latest best practices.

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OpsGuru is Your Trusted Cloud Advisory Partner

With OpsGuru's guidance, you can achieve a seamless and successful cloud migration that supports your business objectives. We have the technical and business expertise to help you understand the cloud computing landscape and align your technology initiatives with your business strategy to deliver clear and relevant business value and help you achieve your business goals.

Multi-Cloud Specialists

As one of Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts and cloud service providers, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to provide cloud advisory services to help you with your cloud adoption and digital transformation journey. Our multi-cloud experts work hand-in-hand with our cloud engineers and architects to provide actionable and strategic technical advice that is based on our demonstrated successful experience in cloud implementation.

A Blend of Strategy and Engineering Prowess

OpsGuru offers comprehensive end-to-end support along all stages of your digital transformation journey—from strategy and execution to managed cloud support. Our engineers and architects work together closely to build a roadmap to help you realize the true value of the cloud. We blend our strong technical and strategic abilities seamlessly to help you understand the tools required, visualize potential risks, or concerns, and plan ahead to mitigate these risks.

A Tailored Approach

We will help you create and update a comprehensive cloud investment roadmap that is tailored to your unique business needs. Our cloud advisors will develop the best path ahead that aligns with cloud best practices, your industry concerns, and your business goals. We will work closely with your teams to validate your cloud strategy, ensuring that it is comprehensive and covers important governance, change management, people enablement, and business strategy alignment requirements.

A Shared Knowledge Base

Our multi-cloud experts have a solid understanding of ongoing trends in cloud computing and our advisors can guide your organization according to best practices that align with what other comparable organizations in your industry are doing. We will provide insights into the direction that leading cloud service providers are going and how that may impact your cloud adoption journey.

OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert100+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

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