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OpsGuru's "Building a SaaS Offering on AWS" has been Released!

OpsGuru's "Building a SaaS Offering on AWS" has been Released!

A few weeks ago, we announced the exciting news that OpsGuru has been awarded the inaugurating AWS SaaS Competency. While we are proud to be the only Canadian-based AWS Partner, we are grateful for the number of clients who have worked with us and who have been instrumental to our growth as an AWS Partner.

We have spent the last few weeks working on the whitepaper “Building a SaaS Offering on AWS”. Celebrating the AWS SaaS Competency is one of the drivers, but our main consideration has been to share our experience and thinking process of designing multi-tenant SaaS offerings with the community. The pace of digital transformation has quickened -- we have all witnessed in recent weeks how business transactions have completely changed. As the world is gradually recovering from the unprecedented shockwave of COVID-19, SaaS adoption is picking up pace. In many cases, there is no turning back from a multi-tenant subscription-based software-as-a-service model.

A number of factors, including multi-tenancy, high availability and cost-effectiveness, need to be considered for a successful SaaS product design. While each SaaS offering is unique, there are common design patterns that can be adopted. In the whitepaper, we have particularly focused on deploying applications on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with a number of data stores, because Kubernetes is a much-trusted container orchestrator and aligns well to the needs of multi-tenanted workload deployments. It's feature-richness, fast responses to metrics and effectiveness in sharing resources, make it a good choice for designing a cost-effective solution.

To access the whitepaper, please go to the link. We’d love to hear your feedback on the content and about your journey building a SaaS solution. Should you have any questions, please simply reach out. [email protected]

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