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OpsGuru - Google Cloud Partner

OpsGuru - Google Cloud Partner

Hey Google, guess who’s now a Google Cloud Partner?

OpsGuru is thrilled to announce that we are now a certified Google Cloud Partner.

Google Cloud has seen explosive growth and has moved from a niche player to a Gartner ranked leader and comfortably the third largest global public cloud provider.

Google Cloud offers customers access to the same incredible technologies powering Google Search, Gmail, Android and the other billion monthly user applications.

OpsGuru has already delivered a number of Google Cloud-based solutions to our customers. This new partnership allows us additional access to Google Cloud resources and helps our valued customers unlock more choices when deciding where to deploy their critical applications.

OpsGuru is proud of our guiding principle of openness & tolerance. Google Cloud is a key ally of the open-source world, having released Kubernetes and recently doubling down on its commitment to open-source companies. As always, our promise is to help guide our customers to the right platform for their requirements.

OpsGuru is a technical consulting firm and solutions provider specializing in Kubernetes, Cloud Computing and Big Data Platforms. OpsGuru is proud to have successfully delivered our services to organizations ranging from startup to the largest of enterprises. We strive to help our customers successfully adopt technology to solve complex business problems.

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