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OpsGuru and Xerris partner to deliver full-stack digital transformation

OpsGuru and Xerris partner to deliver full-stack digital transformation

OpsGuru and Calgary-based Xerris have partnered to provide a made-in-Canada competitor to an industry otherwise dominated by US-based providers, to create Western Canadian leader in Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration and Application Modernization.

Until recently, if you were looking for an experienced provider of digital transformation, cloud migration, and app modernization services, you would likely have to look to our southern neighbor and large enterprise consulting firms. Thanks to a strategic partnership between OpsGuru and Xerris[1], a Calgary based consulting firm specializing in app modernization and digital transformation, this is no longer the case!

"When people think western Canada, the focus tends to be the resource sector", Jeremy Tooley, CEO of Xerris said. "Although historically that was true, things are changing rapidly, and the depth of technical talent available here is actually one of our best-kept secrets."

While legacy technologies have always been an obstacle to offering digital-first services, the recent COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other economic challenges facing western Canada, have exacerbated this. "Cloud-native by default is the new normal", Anton Mishel, CEO of OpsGuru said. "What our combined forces bring to the table is not only a deep understanding of the app modernization and cloud-focused technology but our respective years of experience shepherding companies through complex digital evolutions."

The migration to platform-agnostic frameworks such as .NET Core and Kubernetes, combined with the scalability of modern cloud providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure) has fundamentally changed the game in terms of what is possible for companies with large legacy systems. And while western Canadian companies are not unique in their need to adapt to the realities of a post-COVID world, being able to source this technical expertise from a local firm definitely gives them a competitive advantage.

"Ultimately what this partnership creates is a deep bench of western Canadian technical talent, capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the biggest cloud-focused consulting firms in North America," said Jeremy Tooley. "With the added benefit to our clients that they get to hire local, and deal with an organization that understands the nuances of the western Canadian market."

[1] https://www.xerris.com

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