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OpsGuru achieves the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency

Mency Woo
OpsGuru achieves the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency

We are excited to announce that OpsGuru has achieved Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency status. After achieving the Silver Cloud Platform competency in June 2020, OpsGuru continued to invest in Azure capabilities to ensure that our customers running systems and services in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform are well supported. OpsGuru is proud to join the small number of Canadian Microsoft Gold Partner.

Competency Badge AWS Gold Platfrom

Since the inception of the company, OpsGuru has focused on enabling clients to deploy cloud-native workloads. The strong cloud-native initiatives from Microsoft Azure has fostered the partnership between Microsoft Azure and OpsGuru, and OpsGuru has continued to focus on helping customers create or modernize using cloud-native solutions backed by the power of the Azure Platform.

For most enterprises, Microsoft products are so deeply embedded into business operations that they become integral tools. The deep integration between Microsoft Azure and the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem means that Azure is an ideal platform to deploy cloud capabilities. Compounded by the incredible investments into cloud-native services like Azure Kubernetes Service and Hashicorp Consul Service (HCS), OpsGuru believes in Microsoft Azure’s mission of supporting digital innovation with cloud-native technologies.

If your business is seeking to adopt Microsoft Azure, OpsGuru has created the delivery framework Cloud Launchpad that enables your business to rapidly and securely onboard into Azure.

Read the full press release here.

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