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Purpose-built solutions to help independent software vendors (ISV) and software as a service (SaaS) businesses modernize legacy code and infrastructure to support growth projections.

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Don’t Let Outdated Legacy Infrastructure Stop You From Reaching Your Full Potential

As an ISV or SaaS provider, you shouldn’t have to settle for legacy systems that hold you back.

We’ve been there, in the trenches within numerous rapidly growing software development organizations, and been part of the journey to help break away from “Waterfall to Agile”, modernizing legacy app stacks and aggressively automating development tooling.

OpsGuru understands the mindset of modern SaaS and ISV companies that are hoping to truly transition to a cloud-native model. Whether you’re thinking about multi-tenant architectures, multi-region active/active, leveraging data and analytics to upsell/cross-sell, shortening release cycles or dealing with forks in software code bases, OpsGuru is here to help.

  • On-premise infrastructure management can be costly and time-consuming. Opsguru can help you leverage cloud-native technologies to reduce complexity and TCO.

  • Assess your existing IT footprint, growth plans, Capex vs Opex considerations and achieve your business goals by leveraging OpsGuru’s Clear Path Forward.

  • Modernize your existing services so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on innovating and building new SaaS applications.

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OpsGuru’s Purpose-Built ISV & SaaS Cloud
Computing Solutions

We have worked in collaboration with multiple ISV and SaaS providers across different industry verticals. We have deep expertise in complex ISV and SaaS design and implementation solutions with public and hybrid cloud infrastructure to help ISVs and SaaS businesses with their modernization approach.

Virtual Teams & Staff Augmentation

Upskill your internal staff via a Virtual Teams or Staff Augmentation model so that you can reduce your existing backlog and ensure that Cloud adoption takes the right path.


We can help you modernize existing services so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on innovating and building new apps. Modernize your IT environment, pay as you go, gain global availability and accelerate your business.

Clear Path Forward

Expand your SaaS or ISV cloud environment into a new location, meet governance or compliance standards such as SOC2 type 2, PCI-DSS or HIPAA, scale your platform to meet users' demand or undergo a security audit.

Kubernetes Enablement

OpsGuru understands the challenges with the broad adoption of Kubernetes and can help accelerate various capabilities to reduce development lifecycles and automate the platform across feature and product teams.

Security and Compliance

Ensure that your information is secure in the cloud-native world. Our tailored security approaches are in alignment with compliance and SaaS security best practices.

Multi-Tenancy Architectures

Operate multiple instances of your application in a shared environment for efficient resource usage, lower maintenance costs and high scalability potential.

Data Analytics and Insights

Unlock high-quality data, centralize it from disparate sources and servers, and transform it into actionable information to promote agility and scale your business.

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ISV & SaaS Adoption Partner

As one of Canada’s leading multi-cloud experts (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), OpsGuru has a deep bench of cloud-native expertise and experience helping ISV and SaaS businesses further expand how they leverage the cloud.

Skilled at Unlocking Partner Funding Programs

As a multi-cloud partner, OpsGuru can help you de-risk your cloud journey and maximize your chances of receiving funding with our deep knowledge of available funding program.

Cloud Certified Engineers and Architects

With 100+ professionals and certifications, OpsGuru has a deep bench of cloud-native expertise and multi-cloud experience.

Build Your Internal Cloud Capabilities

We provide not only a technical ISV cloud strategy but also programs and computing resources to steadily build client know-how of the cloud environment. Develop your Cloud Center of Excellence so you can continually use the cloud to extend, expand, and evolve.

Battle-Tested Cloud Solutions

Our proprietary cloud solutions are years in the making. We have utilized prescriptive best practices to deliver cloud foundations with maximum data security.

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OpsGuru is a Multi-Cloud Expert100+ Certifications Across All Major Clouds

Whitepaper & Note EbookBuilding SaaS on AWS

Discover how to join the next wave of the SaaS revolution. This whitepaper covers key attributes of SaaS products, running a SaaS application on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, measuring tenant consumption, and more.

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Case StudyDelivering Limitless Live Video for Today’s Needs with LiveSwitch

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for LiveSwitch’s video-streaming services increased exponentially. Learn how OpsGuru helped LiveSwitch leverage the power of AWS to increase their reliability, agility and scalability.

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