Day2Ops: Site Reliability Engineering Services

Operational know-how is essential to sustainable cloud success.

That’s why Day2Ops - the operational capability of your workload on the day immediately after production rollout - is so important.

OpsGuru’s site reliability engineers can help you with your operational aspects, including continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), security, and observability, to improve system reliability, ensure operational efficiency, and achieve increased business value and DevOps success.

Cloud-Native Adoption Can be Challenging

Operating on the cloud has been a significant challenge to many companies because of the following:

Learning Path

Learning Path

It takes time to adopt new resource types and leverage tooling running on a completely new system.



During the transition from legacy workloads to cloud-native computing, the system becomes a heterogeneous set of services. Each of the services has its own characteristics and require different metrics and skillset to operate day-to-day.

Fast pace of change

Fast pace of change

Features are being added to cloud services at a rapid pace, regardless of vendors. Now engineers and DevOps teams not only need to learn how to best take advantage of the new cloud services but also how to operate such new features.

Day2Ops is the Pillar of Cloud Success

OpsGuru offers Day2Ops (DevOps and site reliability engineering) as the key feature of cloud workloads. Ultimately, the goal of our development and operations teams is to ensure that our clients are able to operate on Day 2 when their product is running in their production environment.

Features of Site Reliability Engineering DevOps


Observability is the ability to infer the internal state of a system from external outputs. Often it is further divided into monitoring, logging, tracing, and analytics.


A solid CI/CD pipeline ensures that incremental software code changes and deployment can occur rapidly and reliably.

Security Guardrails

Shared responsibility model is the operating security model for cloud computing; success in cloud operations, therefore, depends on users understanding the boundary of security responsibilities.

Day2Ops and SRE Practices

Day2Ops is closely related to the concept of site reliability engineering. Google has published two books on DevOps and site reliability engineering philosophy (that OpsGuru highly recommends).