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Optimizing Travel Industry Platforms with Fornova

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Fornova offers businesses in the hospitality industry online monitoring and optimization of performance and distribution of their inventory. Founded in 2010, Fornova now serves over 15,000 hotels globally and has over 100 employees with offices across the globe in London, Israel, Amsterdam and New York.

The Challenge

Fornova wanted to migrate its platform to the cloud so that they could deploy their product and enjoy higher availability whilst being deployed closer to end-users.

Fornova eventually adopted Google Cloud because of the comprehensive features provided by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and the cost-efficiencies of the Google Cloud Platform.

While Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine form a powerful foundation, the Fornova team knew that their software development lifecycle processes needed to be enhanced before the team could take full advantage of the features of the cloud platform. Migrating to Google Cloud was a forcing function to support Fornova to modernize its delivery workflows with the ultimate goal of simplifying and accelerating their software development processes.

Fornova knew they needed a partner who had a deep level of expertise in the cloud platform, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code to maximize their success on the Google Cloud Platform.

Our Solution

Fornova engaged OpsGuru, a certified Google Cloud consulting partner, due to the team’s extensive Kubernetes and Google Cloud experience and a proven track record with complex workload migrations.

The OpsGuru team leveraged OpsGuru’s Cloud Launchpad for Google Cloud to establish a secure and compliant baseline.

Cloud Launchpad is a rapid cloud adoption program that provides organizations with a prescriptive, best practice approach to build workloads on the cloud. Cloud Launchpad offers multi-tenant capabilities that enable the separation of environments by project or region - especially area considering GDPR requirements -- and full auditability with tamper-free audit log storage.

With OpsGuru, Fornova migrated to Google Cloud and GKE with zero downtime.

The Result

The engagement resulted in a successful migration to Google Cloud.

In this case, success was determined by two criteria:

  1. The migration was accomplished within the estimated time frame and budget.
  2. The migration was accomplished with zero downtime.
  • The core platform was built in a way that supported Fornova’s future business growth and allowed them to easily scale, as needed.
  • Infrastructure as Code best practices that were implemented throughout the stack has significantly improved Fornova's resiliency - This meant that the team could rapidly deploy the entire platform to a new region if necessary.
  • The newly built CI/CD platform has enabled an accelerated software release cycle and shortened the time to market. It also increased release and operational reliability.
  • Fornova’s team was able to quickly become productive on the new platform and technology stack, and are now empowered to innovate at an accelerated pace.

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