Application Modernization

Why do you need to Modernize your Applications?

Attract Top Talent

Make your stack more attractive to developer talent by embracing emerging technologies​

Embrace Cloud Native

Shed technical debt and improve scalability by leveraging the latest technologies and DevOps

Save Money

Reduce expensive licensing fees, retire legacy tools, and remove vendor dependencies

Untether Innovation

Roll out modern technologies to streamline development and accelerate innovation

How OpsGuru Modernizes Applications

How OpsGuru Modernizes Applications

Modernization Assessment

Our comprehensive Modernization Assessment addresses cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment velocity and total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as application cloud readiness. OpsGuru’s team of best in class engineers will work with you to understand your existing tech stack and future goals.

Cloud Launchpad

OpsGuru’s signature Cloud Launchpad is a secure framework embedding DevOps and Cloud best practices to propel your infrastructure forward in the application modernization journey.

Kubernetes Adoption

We migrate your workloads onto a Cloud-native application orchestration foundation that allow your modernized applications to operate seamlessly

Application Modernization

Our team port and host your application using modern technologies yielding higher availability and cost-effectiveness.

Organization Modernization

Overhaul the full stack to boost productivity and satisfaction of your DevOps team.

Reap the Endless Benefits of Application Modernization

  • Productivity BoostProductivity Boost

    • Adoption of cloud-native technologies empowers developers. An efficient framework leads to higher level of transparency throughout the organization.
  • Faster Time to MarketFaster Time to Market

    • Increased development velocity leads to an increased pace of delivery.
    • The ease of working with modernized application reduces downtime and latency
  • Secure Technology GovernanceSecure Technology Governance

    • Adopting modern technologies improves the security posture of your systems. The overall risk is reduced.
  • Rebuilds/Refactor due to new requirementsRebuilds/Refactor due to new requirements

    • Reduced dependencies on specific vendors lead to flexibility in provisioning and budgeting
    • The team can focus on acquiring top talent and invest in future innovation initiatives.