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As a Google Cloud Premier Partner located in Tel Aviv, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to help your Israel-based business leverage the benefits of Google Cloud.

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Our team of Google Cloud certified fellows, cloud engineers, architects, and data scientists are ready to tackle your toughest Google Cloud problems.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, OpsGuru can support you with all aspects of your Google Cloud journey. With technical expertise in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Kubernetes, the OpsGuru team is ready to architect, build and transform your workloads with full consideration of security, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

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How OpsGuru Can Help You Leverage The Power of Google Cloud

Engineering on Demand

Proactively enhance your existing Google Cloud Platform security, reliability, performance, cloud cost optimization, and operational best practices through continuous improvement and agile delivery. With OpsGuru’s Engineering on Demand, your teams can leverage OpsGuru’s engineering talent with technical mentorship and oversight to rapidly boost your team’s productivity.

Cloud Launchpad

Our Cloud Launchpad helps you get a speedy, compliant, effective and [cost-efficient](/cloud-spend-optimization) edge in the cloud.

Google Cloud DevOps Practice and Infrastructure-as-Code

Our DevOps services include implementation of the Google Cloud resources, such that you can reliably deploy your cloud resources and workloads, and easily evolve and extend your footprint on Google Cloud.

Kubernetes Enablement

Adopting Kubernetes can be a challenge, so we’re here to make it easier. We can help you migrate to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), a fully managed K8s service, to enable fast, efficient and scalable Kubernetes deployment practices on Google Cloud.

Open-Source Software Adoption

Have access to open-source software adoption that aligns with the Google Cloud services. We are always one step ahead of what the Google Cloud infrastructure provides such that you can seamlessly evolve with the fast-growing Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cloud Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD)

Be equipped with DevOps continuous integration and continuous development automation tools to deliver efficiently and as frequently as necessary for your growing cloud needs.

Cloud Security

Cloud security, governance, and compliance across multiple industries, including health care, financial services, and telecommunications.

Architecture & Implementation

Review and overhaul of your Google Cloud architecture such that we can identify and adopt a future-proof solution for your evolving needs.


Leveraging the capabilities of hybrid and multi-cloud topologies for your business requires a strong plan, solid architecture, and excellent cross-team collaboration. OpsGuru provides experienced professionals and solutions to help your team plan, deploy and adopt Anthos GKE.

We Work With Future-Oriented Organizations to Drive Transformation

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As one of Israel's leading Google Cloud experts, OpsGuru is uniquely qualified to help you on your cloud adoption journey.

Google Cloud Certified Fellows, Engineers & Architects

With Google Cloud Certified Fellows and 90+ professionals, OpsGuru has a deep bench of cloud-native expertise and Google Cloud experience.

Skilled at Unlocking Funding Programs

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, OpsGuru has extensive knowledge of available funding programs to help clients de-risk their cloud adoption and maximize their chances of receiving funding.

Battle-Tested Cloud Adoption Solutions

We have spent years developing and testing our proprietary cloud adoption solutions which utilize prescriptive best practices to deliver secure Google Cloud foundations.

Build your Internal Cloud Capabilities

It is our mission to provide not only a technical solution but programs to steadily build client know-how to develop your Google Cloud Center of Excellence for your particular use case.

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Leverage the Full Potential of Google Cloud With Engineering on Demand.

Uncoil Ensured Successful Geographical Google Cloud Platform Expansion with OpsGuru’s Support

From its collaboration with OpsGuru, the Uncoil team gained in-depth insights and a list of actionable recommendations needed to ensure their successful geographical cloud platform expansion on Google Cloud.

The cloud platform was aligned to Google’s Architecture Framework best practices.

Uncoil leveraged OpsGuru’s detailed technical report that contained a clear, actionable roadmap for remediating the identified gaps.

Uncoil’s technical team is now empowered and educated to continue to extend, expand and evolve on Google Cloud.

The Uncoil team enhanced their security posture by leveraging the proactive approach offered by Clear Path Forward.

About OpsGuru

OpsGuru is a Google Cloud Premier Partner with advanced Google Cloud proficiency and proven success in specialized solutions and service areas.

Our team of Google Cloud experts has helped 100+ customers leverage Google Cloud offerings at different stages of the cloud journey.

Take full advantage of Google cloud with the help of OpsGuru.