Google Cloud Partner

As Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, our mission is to organize your information such that it is accessible only to you to enhance your business competitive advantages

OpsGuru has a team of architects, data scientists and engineers who come from a varied background ranging from CI/CD to high-performance computing, from network infrastructure to data analytics and machine learning. We are ready to solve your challenges, including multi-cloud deployment, advanced service layer / Istio deployment and high volume data loads

Our Google Cloud professional services include:

  • Google Cloud Partner

    Our OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad helps you get a speedy, compliant, effective and cost-efficient edge onto the cloud.

  • Google Cloud Partner

    Infrastructure-as-code implementation of the Google Cloud resources, such that you can easily evolve and extend your footprint on Google Cloud.

  • Google Cloud Partner

    Open-source software adoption that aligns with the services on Google Cloud. We are always one step ahead of what Google Cloud provides such that you can seamlessly evolve with the speedily growing platform.

  • Google Cloud Partner

    CI/CD design and implementations such that you are equipped with automation tools to deliver efficiently and as frequently as necessary for your growing cloud needs.

  • Google Cloud Partner

    Cloud security, governance and compliance across multiple industries, including health care, financial services and telecommunications.

  • Google Cloud Partner

    Review and overhaul of your Google Cloud architecture such that we can identify and adopt a future-proof solution for your evolving needs.

Google Cloud projects:

  • Optimizing Travel Industry Platforms with Fornova

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