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Geographical Cloud Platform Expansion with Uncoil

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eCommerce businesses are challenged with growth in a fast-moving, complex, ever-competitive environment. Based in Kelowna, BC, Uncoil offers brands a secret weapon to achieve profitable growth by transforming disparate, disconnected, complex data into real-time insights via proprietary models leveraging ML/AI-driven tools.

The Challenge

As a growing business expanding into new markets, Uncoil was looking for a Google Cloud partner to assist with identifying gaps in their existing cloud environment. Additionally, Uncoil needed help with defining an action plan to guide them through their European cloud platform expansion.

One of Uncoil’s key priorities was to achieve General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. GDPR is a legal framework that sets guidelines for collecting, storing, and processing personal information from individuals who live in the European Union. GDPR compliance mandates both technical and business alignment, improving the protection of European data subject’s rights. These legal guidelines also clarify what companies involved in the processing of personal data must do to safeguard these rights.

Our Solution

Uncoil engaged OpsGuru, a certified Google Cloud consulting partner, due to the team’s extensive Kubernetes and Google Cloud Architecture Framework experience, along with a proven track record with customer enablement on their cloud journeys.

A thorough assessment with Clear Path Forward

By leveraging OpsGuru’s Clear Path Forward framework, OpsGuru conducted a deep-dive business and technical assessment to capture the company’s platform growth plans and identify any significant gaps. At the same time, OpsGuru sought to ensure alignment of the cloud platform to Google’s Architecture Framework best practices— including Security, Reliability, Operation Excellence, Performance, and Cost.

The OpsGuru team thoroughly reviewed Uncoil’s existing Google platform, starting from VPC and IAM architecture and standards to project structure, compute, storage, message buses, and data processing layers. The reviewed services included Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Dataproc, CloudSQL, BigQuery, and others, where each component was thoroughly analyzed to ensure alignment with Google’s Architecture Framework best practices.

A roadmap for remediating identified gaps

Based on the assessment results, OpsGuru created a detailed technical report that contained a clear, actionable roadmap for remediating the identified gaps in the form of Scrum sprints. Each identified gap included acceptance criteria, estimates, and priorities. By the end of the collaboration between the two businesses, OpsGuru conducted a thorough handover process to ensure the Uncoil technical team was empowered and educated.

The Result

From its collaboration with OpsGuru, the Uncoil team gained the in-depth insights and list of actionable recommendations needed to ensure their successful geographical cloud platform expansion on Google Cloud. Furthermore, the Uncoil team was able to enhance their security posture by leveraging the proactive approach offered by Clear Path Forward.

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