Case Studies

We help our clients make their future happen! We start with the "Where", move onto the "How" and help drive success through the power of expertise and cloud adoption.

Case Studies
Scaling Travel Insurance Platforms with Setoo

Scaling Travel Insurance Platforms

The cloud onboarding solution provided by OpsGuru was not only a Landing Zone, configured according to AWS best practices, but also scalable foundation allowing further module development.

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Optimizing Travel Industry Platforms with Fornova

Optimizing Travel Industry Platforms

With OpsGuru, Fornova migrated to Google Cloud and GKE with zero downtime.

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HIPAA Compliant Genomics Platform with Emedgene

HIPAA Compliant Genomics Platform

Because of the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad, Emedgene had gained a HIPAA-compliant AWS foundation that enabled them to extend their solution for patient care globally.

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Pandemic Proof Food Delivery with FoodX

Pandemic Proof Food Delivery

Utilizing OpsGuru and Microsoft Azure, Food-X was able to enhance their electronic grocery management software during COVID-19.

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Geographical Cloud Platform Expansion with Uncoil

Geographical Cloud Platform Expansion

From its collaboration with OpsGuru, the Uncoil team gained the in-depth insights and list of actionable recommendations needed to ensure their successful geographical cloud platform expansion on Google Cloud.

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Connecting Women to Essential Healthcare with Nivi

Connecting Women to Essential Healthcare

Nivi engaged OpsGuru for their AWS architecture and implementation expertise to produce a next-generation serverless architecture.

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SOC2 Compliant AWS Platform with Rival Technologies

SOC2 Compliant AWS Platform

In OpsGuru, Rival Technologies found exactly the right partner to design and implement the solution they needed module development.

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